About Me

Lifelong entrepreneur and engineer with a passion for solving complex problems.

Founded MIT-spinout semi-conductor company (Silicon Spice) at age 2​3​ to enable carrier grade long-distance over IP. ​ Sold company to Broadcom for $1.2 billion.

Founded one of the first big data ​/ predictive analytics adtech companies for social media. Raised $12 million of venture funding from a variety of investors including NEA and Jim Clarke.

Studied artificial intelligence at the MIT Media Lab. PhD work developed a scientific model for discovering and validated individualized therapies through crowdsourced self-experiments (N-of-1). Worked with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to apply this model to chronic care management.

Current project is Vital Labs, a San Francisco based startup building a novel mobile cardiology service and chronic care platform for patients, caregivers, and clinical care professionals.

Work in healthcare featured in the New York Times, Wall Street JournalScientific AmericanDiscover MagazineProto Magazine, MIT Technology Review, and Harvard Business Review.  Spoken on health and healthcare topics at Mayo Transform, Stanford’s MedicineX, Health Datapalooza, Academy Health, Health 2.0, HxRefactored, Strata, HealthFoo, Quantified Self, and I’ve been an invited delegate to the TEDMED conference.



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  3. Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N

    Arrgh! Why are all your websites broken? Wanted to refer a business contact to vitalreactor but it’s a blank page. Being interviewed this afternoon on NPR about personal experimentation and wanted to give your personalexperiments.org as a resource. Void space. 😛

    • Ian Eslick

      I’m very sorry about that Monica. Personal Experiments had a server outage a few weeks ago. It was built for my PhD which I completed almost 2 years ago and has been funded entirely out of my personal funds since then. I haven’t had enough of a break in my day job at my new company Vital Labs (http://vitallabs.co) to sit down and fix PE. Since none of my users complained, I’m assuming that it is no longer being used by anyone so restoring it isn’t a priority right now.

      • Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N

        Thanks for your reply. I certainly understand having to prioritize. Is Vital Reactor also dead? It seemed like a good potential fit for a project I’m working on but perhaps it, too, has taken a back seat to vital labs?

      • Ian Eslick

        Vital Labs has taken over much of the healthcare related work I was doing at Vital Reactor. VR will continue to work on other projects, but at a slower pace.

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